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100N 200N 500N 100
50N 200N 500N 2Nm
Six axis load cell
Six axis load cell
2 axis force torqu
Multi-axis sensors
Miniature load cel
2 axis force senso
10t 20t 30t 50t 60t 100t
30t 60t 100t 200t 250t 3
60t 100t 150t 200t 300t
High speed rotary torque
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Shen Zhen Yi Guan Xing Tech. Development Co., Ltd, Specializes in the design, production of weighing / force measuring sensors, torque sensors, pressure sensors / transmitters, level sensors, indicators, amplifiers etc. products, has a wide range of applications in industrial control, petrochemical, environmental protection, food, medical and other fields. Our products are stable performance, by the customer favorite.
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